The PWYP-SA coalition

is focused on transparency and accountability in order to combat opacity, in its various forms (financial and non-financial) across the extractives value chain.

Community Engagement

PWYP South Africa works to improve capacity of communities in local and national decision making processes to maximise their benefits from mining in their areas.

The concept of engaging communities is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in the extractive and infrastructure sectors, where projects such as oil pipelines, roads, and mines can significantly affect people and the environment. When communities have the opportunity to collaborate with project proponents / business ventures in EIs, during the planning and operations of the venture, there is improvement in effectively identifying and mitigating potential impacts, prevent harm, and shape the business venture to better fit local conditions. Communities, in turn, can have a voice in determining how they will benefit from the business venture and whether it actually fits their development priorities. However, supporting and servicing communities to mobilise and organize them for this engagement is imperative. As such, developing their capacities for effective engagement is vital to enable them to establish and protect their rights and interests more sustainably.