The PWYP-SA coalition

is focused on transparency and accountability in order to combat opacity, in its various forms (financial and non-financial) across the extractives value chain.

Mandatory Disclosures Campaign

“From 2017 to 2020 PWYP South Africa would like to ensure mandatory disclosure of financial and non-financial information across the extractives value chain is achieved.” Full and proactive disclosure of information on socio-economic and environmental implications of proposed mining projects (mining application stage) by 2020. An essential prerequisite for meaningful community and or non-state actors’ participation in the EI value chain, is access to information. Mining licensing application documents, notifications and approval / rejections are not easily / readily available to the public. For instance, while ostensibly designed to ensure a more equitable sharing of the burdens and benefits of mining development, the many lacunae in the SLP legislative framework allow mining companies considerable discretion on key matters such as public participation and the dissemination of information. The result is that, in practice, SLPs seem to belong more to mining companies than to the intended beneficiaries of the system. In addition, mining companies are, in general, unwilling to disclose information about their operations and, particularly, their compliance with environmental law. In some cases, they are willfully obstructive in their efforts to prevent such information from becoming public. Therefore, disclosure of environmental permits and associated documentation by companies, including mining companies, operating in South Africa is imperative for improving compliance, informing dialogue and legislative or policy reform to establish and protect the rights of affected communities. .